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I have a lot of confidence. I know how that sounds.

I’ve always been confident, even as a kid. My mother used to tell my sisters and I (I’m the 6th of 7 siblings, 5 of us are girls) that we were “diamonds”, and to always aim high, and never settle!

I was born in Haiti, raised in France, and moved to Miami while in grade school. The first few years were a bit of a culture shock, and as I was just learning English, I didn’t have any friends. My confidence was what kept the twinkle in my eye despite all the challenges.

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It has served me well for most of my life. Confidence allowed me to be vocal about injustices. If someone was being bullied, my classmates knew to come find me to set things straight. As a child my confidence was mistaken at times as “disrespectful” (which many times got me a good ol’ spanking from maman and papa)!

As an adult, it still creates friction at times and I get it. It can sometimes be seen as overwhelming. It can also be seen as threatening to some but when I reflect on this matter, I always find some reassurance by asking myself “what if I was a man?” Let’s let that simmer for a bit…

But I think that some of these reactions are because we confuse overconfidence with confidence.

Overconfidence implies that a person isn’t up for the job. Overconfidence is all talk and no game.

But confidence is very different my friends…

Confidence is powerful and positive.

Confidence is believing in yourself

Confidence is loving yourself.

Confidence is being prepared.

Confidence is asking the hard questions

Confidence is having the guts to push the envelope when others won’t

Confidence is finding happiness from within.

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My confidence has fueled some of my biggest career moves as well. I never could have built my career in the way that I did without it! I don’t think we’re born with sheer confidence. I think it’s learned. It’s a muscle. It’s something to work for and it’s something to cherish. When you have it, you can do just about anything you set your mind on.

That’s what this new blog is really all about.

I’ll share facets of my lifestyle, destination travels, fashion, and work. But really… this blog is all about how to build confidence, live life to its fullest unapologetically and create a life that you want to love and cherish.

There is no better time than for me to do this NOW and I hope it inspires you!

Are you ready? Good!

To life, to love, l’chaim!





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