About Me!

I’m Guerdy, a destination event planner / event stylist, wife and mother of two boys.

Welcome to my blog. This Blog is about confidence and the art of being confident. I don’t think we’re born with sheer confidence. I think it’s learned. It’s a muscle. It’s something you work for and I believe that when you have it, you can do just about anything you put your mind to.

So that’s what this new blog is all about. I’ll be sharing my lifestyle, travels, work and fashion which I hope serves as inspiration. We are diamonds, let’s shine bright together! Are you ready? Good!

xo Guerdy

Fun Facts!




Paris, France


Miami / New York

Favorite Color?

Black – its simple and classic

Favorite Cocktail?

French 75

Role Model?

My Grandmother, couldn’t read or write but she had class – can’t buy that!


Better, Faster, Stronger…always challenging myself

Favorite TV Channel?

History Channel & Bravo (I know, total opposites)


Medium Rare

Last two concerts attended?

Red Hot Chili Peppers & Jay-Z

Favorite Book?

Don Quixote! Boy did he dream BIG!


People who choose Hate over Love


“Rabbi Guerdy”, given to me by my clients over the years lol

Favorite Music?

Afro Beat House

Least Fav. Music?

Smooth Jazz (No thank you Kenny G.!)

Must carry at all Times?

my chap stick, how sad is that! lol

Movie Quotes?

“This is the Way” (Mandalorian)